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“Bogowie” (“Gods”) is a fact-based film story about the life of Professor Zbigniew Religa, who performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland in the 1980’s. It is a tribute to an outstanding individual who dared to change the existing rules. By removing a heart from a human body, the professor broke a moral, cultural and religious taboo. Several decades ago, a heart transplant was commonly perceived as an act against nature.
The film presents the nucleus of the discussion on the definition of biological death of a human and the limits of the competences of surgeons. Zbigniew Religa, along with a team of young doctors, opposed his former mentors. The struggle concerned not only a fight for equipment and funding, but first and foremost the clash with outdated mindsets.

It is a true portrait of a rebel who devoted all his life to being a forerunner. The professor saved thousands of human lives, yet not all of the surgeries were successful. As regards his patients, Religa made life-and-death decisions on a daily basis. “Gods” is a film about great ambition and willpower, but also about the price one has to pay for success.
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Photography by Jarosław Sosiński
Photography by Jarosław Sosiński

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