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Zippless wetsuit Design
The inspiration for Mora came from Polish Army’s uniforms back in 80s. “We snuck a part of our history, our memories from times we were born and combined it with our love to waves and ocean”

Camouflage wz. 68 ("mora") was an overprint on cotton fabric in protective colors, which are camouflage, used for sewing military uniforms for soldiers of LWP, militamen of Milicja Obywatelska, members of Prison Guards, policemen and for the Polish Fire Department. It was produced in 1969-1989. Moro replaced the older camouflage pattern wz. 58, called "deszczyk" (rain, drizzle). Moro was replaced in 1989 by Wz. 89 Puma. Moro is abbreviation of Polish name of the fabric and literally means "materiał odzieżowy roboczo-ochronny" - "clothing textile for work and protection".

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