This limited collection was inspired by the spacesuit design. The system of connecting individual elements of the spacesuit was also an inspiration for joining sleeves and legs in the uniform.
Our goal was to design clothing that adapts to various weather conditions and activities by maintaining thermal comfort throughout selected parts of your body. You can control your comfort temperature by detaching or attaching sleeves and legs or wearing an additional hood. The distinction between the colors of the zippers makes it easier to match detached elements to the correct side (Left / Right) exactly the same way as in a spacesuit. The combination of down clothing functionality and personalization of each part of the uniform.

The Introduction of technological clothing (High Performance) into the urban space (Street / Lifestyle),
Hikercore, as this style is also called, has evolved from subculture to dominant aesthetics. Outdoor styling, once reserved only for professionals, has now become one of the most important themes in the fashion world.
Our limited collection combines the latest technologies (Superlight Japanese fabrics TOREX ™ Airtastic ™ by TORAY) as well as classic solutions (100% Polish goose down). The key aspects of the design were functionality, compactness, lightness, and thermal comfort for the user. Additional Duralight DWR fabric reinforcements.

Client: Pajak®

By striving to fulfill your dreams a human is able to overcome his own weaknesses. With his determination

and dedication, he is able to achieve great things, even beyond the limits of the mind - he is able to touch the stars.


Director: Gosia Herman / Florida @floridadidit
DOP: Szymon Gosławski @goslawski_solo
1st AC: Marek Paduch @marekpaduch
Post-Production: Foreign Xchange @foreign___xchange
Colorist: Jacob McKee @jalob
Editor: Gosia Herman @gosiaherman
Online: LocoMotive @locomotive_studio
Model: IGHOR L / AS Management
Stylist: LANGE & LANGE
Make up artist: Aleksandra Artychowska /Armani Polska
Music: Steez83 @steez83

Photographer: JAN KRIWOL / Florida @floridadidit
Assistant: Zbyszek Szych
Retouch: Iza Zembrzuska
Costume Design: LANGE & LANGE
Set Design: LANGE & LANGE
Model: IGHOR L / AS Menagment
Stylist: LANGE & LANGE
Make up artist: Aleksandra Artychowska /Armani Polska

Available online in October 2021

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