PAJAK SPORT and LANGE & LANGE Design present limited edition capslule  collection of goose down wear and accessories.

PAJAK SPORT is a family company managed by Andrzej and Ewa Pajak along with exceptional team of young dedicated people that share their passion for outdoor activities with a need of creating dependable, innovative and technologically advanced outdoor equipment. The company was founded in 1983.

LANGE  &  LANGE  Design was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2008 by Aleksander and Gustaw Lange. They have worked with Quiksilver, Redbull, MINI and BMW.

Both companies have a strong family backgrounds and share the passion for mountains and design thinking.

The collection was inspired by high-altitude pilot suits from cold war era and alpinist goose down outerwear from the 80's – the golden era of Polish Himalaism. 

The purpose of the project was to bring technologically advanced clothing (High Performance) to the city streets (Street / Lifestyle)

The design combines high-performance lightweight japanese materials (TOREX™ Airtastic™ TORAY ) and timeless, classic goose down fill (100% Polish Goose Down). The collection focusses primarily on functionality, lightweight and user thermal comfort.  

The collection includes:

• Phantom Anorak
Down jacket

Designed by Lange  &  Lange, made by PAJAK with the finest, ultralight TOREX™ Airtastic™ fabric. Zippers on the side to comfortable put on and off. . It's ergonomical cut and regulated hood make it the piece you will fall in love with. Goose down fill, elastic cuffs and a drawcord waist all team up to help keep you warm and happy.

• Phantom Cargo
Down shorts

Designed by Lange  &  Lange, made by PAJAK with the finest, ultralight TOREX™ Airtastic™  fabric. The zippers on each side for fast put on and off. Insulated with Polish Goose down they're great as an extra layer over or under a shell pant. CARGO Shorts will keep your legs warm during the coldest days. Ideal after a tough hike or training session for optimal warmth and comfort.

Multipurpose sleepingbag

Switch is incredibly adaptive. It’s meant to be a traditional down sleeping bag but we added extra features which come in handy when you need them the most. Unzipped it acts as a large quilt for two. While seated you can pull your hands out through side zippers and prepare your meal or play guitar. When you want to walk simply unzip the bottom part and roll it up, you’re in the walking mode! Switch is the most versatile piece of equipment we have ever designed, you should give it a try on your next trip!

• MITT 21
Mitt Gloves

Lightweight and compressible down mittens provide ultimate down warmth and comfort fashioned for relaxed everyday wear.

Down Booties

Super light down boots can be worn around camp, tent or shelter. They will provide excellent warmth and comfort when the temperatures drop. EVA Foam insert provides excellent insulation from cold ground. Perfect for about home use if your feet tend to get cold.

All products from the collection will be available in two colors:
• Space Silver
• Flight Olive

The collection also features new PAJAK SPORT corporate identity carefuly designed and implemented by LANGE & LANGE Design. It coresponds with brand's history and polish mountain-men heritage.

Rebranding design was inspired by Polish flag colors, historic Polish Mountain Rescue badges and Pajak's first logo label from 1983.

Photo campaign Credits:

Art Direction - LANGE & LANGE -
Photography - MAREK OGIEŃ -
Model - Maciek Skupiński

The entire collection will be available in selected stores from October 2016

• Chmielna 20 LAB


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