Ballerine Bathtub
Multifunction bathtub
Capturingsubtle movement… Ballerine is a creative combination of a single bathtub and afree standing shower cabin. This is an attempt of an outlook on the subjectfrom a different perspective; an approach to the task without technicalrestrictions or functioning cannons. As a result we achieve a harmonioussynthesis of organic and geometrical forms, a capture of feeling and sensation,a special compromise between functionality, shape and space. The esthetics,inspired by soft, natural forms, intermingles with modern, ascetic design. Onthe one hand, we get lines which are soft and subtle like a woman’s body inmotion, on the other hand we have a carefully thought-out synthesis of form.The inspiration of the design was the desire to seize a fleeting moment;,subtle capture of sensation expressed through shape and division, closure ofspace. The inspiration was a woman’s body in motion, and the attempt to show,through the means of shape, the use of the right colors, materials andmultidimensionality of the object. Ballerine is ideally suitable to big, old“Parisian” interiors, as well as to modern lofts. Thanks to the concept of thefunction change, Ballerine fits to the needs of the user. When we have moretime, we can use it as a bathtub treating ourselves to the comfort of a longbath and relaxation. After moving the arm, the bathtub changes into an openshower cabin, ensuring new sensation during this fast and routine activity. Theintegrated shower head functions as a bath faucet and a shower disc. It isinstalled on a flexible arm which easily adjusts to a chosen height and enablesto set the intensity of the water stream and its direction. The flexible arm isconstructed of a movable core-spin with currents of cold and hot water insideand of easily adjustable nylon-silicon surface. After opening, the constructionstiffens like a backbone, at the same time blocking the arm at a chosen height.Thanks to the ideal fit, after closing the arm, the surface of the bathtub becomesstiff and watertight. The tub, black outside and white inside, is made of nylonand silicon. Ballerine is addressed to people who have sophisticated taste, whocherish individuality, who are not afraid to shock but at the same time respecttraditional inspirations.

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